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Mike Samson

Since 1983 Mike Samson has set the standard for quality men's apparel in the Winston Hills area. Mike Samson from Mike Samson Clothier is celebrating his 37th year in business at Winston Hils and during this time has established himself as one of the Hill's District's outstanding retailers. Mike has worked hard in building a menswear store which provides not only quality men's clothing but also the personal service for which he is well known. Before opening this store at Winston Hills Mike had a solid background in both wholesale and retail in menswear and he gained valuable experience dealing with small retailers as well as the major retail chains. In 1983 he saw an opportunity in the old Winston Hills Shopping Village for a menswear store of his own.

about us

Our success Story

Armed with an extensive knowledge of retail and a good reputation among many leading manufacturers " Mike Samson Clothier " began trading.

Over the last 37 years Mike has seen many changes to Winston Hills and his clientele and has managed to constantly change his business in order to move with the times. The year 2020 sees " Mike Samson Clothier " continue to provide quality business and casual wear with labels such as Studio Italia , Cambridge , City club , Farah , Bob Spears , Jimmy Stuart , RM Williams , John Winn, Ganton , Van Heusen , Gloweave , City Vogue , and Saint River.

Mike is excited about the future of Winston Hills Mall and looks forward to being able to help not only his existing customers but also any new ones.

Our Team Member

Greg has been working at Mike Samson Clothier for the last 20 years. Before that he spent several years in menswear wholesale.

Greg enjoys working with people and strives to maintain a high level of personal service.